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Relief for Estate Tax Returns

The Evolving Process of An Estate Plan

An estate plan works like the operating system on your phone or computer. It runs in the background. However, it needs occasional updates to keep the plan current.
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family with young children

What Is the Purpose of a Guardian?

Few will argue that the most important time to have a will is when you are parents of young children.
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mother and daughter

Ask Mom if She has a Will

My mother told me many times over the years that she had a will, and I believed her. When she passed away, we discovered that her will was 40 years old—and completely useless.
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viewing assets

Things to Consider Before Accepting Your Inheritance

The news that you will be receiving an inheritance is often bittersweet because it means that somebody close to you has passed away. But you might also have mixed emotions about your legacy for reasons related to the existing accounts or property you are inheriting. On the one hand, you might not want to disclaim […]
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Estate {;ammomg

Four Celebrity Probate Disasters and Tragic Lessons

Like some of us, wealthy and famous people are often unprepared for the future. In reality, some of today's most wealthy individuals enter heaven with no will or estate plan. In contrast, others have had to deal with costly mistakes in their estates, tied up all assets, including heirs' fortune-in court proceedings for years. Let's […]
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health care proxies

Health Care Proxies and Powers of Attorney: What You Need to Know

There are two documents everyone needs in their estate plan:  The Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) and a Health Surrogacy or Advanced Health Directive.
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Estate planning terms

Estate Planning is Not Just About The Will or Trust --But Life Planning Too.

Does a person need a Power of Attorney document if that person already has a Last Will and Testament (‘Will’)? It is a good question.
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Inheritance of property image

Can Unequal Inheritances Be Fair?

The important thing to acknowledge is that the emotions behind the reasons are not trivial, but are important and should not be dismissed or minimized.
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estate probate

How Can I Minimize My Probate Estate?

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Anyone with a bank account, house, car or other personal property should have a will.
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Inheritance image

Protecting Childrens Inheritance

How to Keep Your Child's Inheritance Out of Your In-Law's Hands About 40 to 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Regardless of how you feel about your child's spouse, it would be best if you faced the possibility that they could become your child's ex-spouse. Should that day come, […]
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